I speak about abundance through many lenses. Whether it's a keynote on social entrepreneurship or a presentation on genealogy, DNA and social identity, I bring a trans-disciplinary, passionate and interactive approach to my talks. I am one only a few people who can connect the dots between new venture creation, media reform, and unicorns in one cohesive talk without sounding crazy.

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InvisiCap Mapping

InvisiCap Mapping is the process of plotting individuals' or teams' invisible capital -- that unique and evolving set of non-financial assets too often hidden in plain sight that when plotted, analyzed and strategically leveraged significantly increases the viability of any venture or project.

Mapping sessions are offered in a groups as workshops or can be included in one-on-one coaching engagements.


I assist first-time business owners, social entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, non-profit leaders and their allies and advocates develop concrete action plans to increase the viability of their ventures based on helping them identify and strategically leverage their non-financial assets.

Coaching sessions can be one-on-one or in groups via tele-conferencing and are offered in 6-month interval.


I assist groups and individuals develop social entrepreneurship curricula, programs and projects as well as related efforts in the field of community economic development, social policy and strategic planning.


As a professional facilitator and trainer, I assist groups increase organizational productivity through guided brainstorming, strategy design, and improving group dynamics that allow stakeholders to develop strong communication and collaboration techniques.

Community Wealth-Building

The Commonwealth Enterprise Project seeks to build a hyper-local community economic development model to empower inclusive coalitions in engaged, low-wealth neighborhoods to use social enterprises as a way to strengthen and protect priority community assets.

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